Prof. Pingbing Ming was invited to visit the BNU-UIC Research Center for Mathematics in Zhuhai. He gave a distinguished lecture on the theme of “Recent Progress on Numerical Homogenization: Theory and Numerics” on 17 May 2021.

Prof. Ming discussed two aspects of numerical homogenization: one is developing fast algorithm for retrieving the effective matrix, the other is how to compute the local macroscale information.

Prof.Pingbing Ming, researcher of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interest includes multiscale modeling and multi-scale algorithm. He has published more than fifty SCI papers in JAMS, CPAM, ARMA, PRB, SINUM, Math. Comp., Numer. Math., MMS, JMPS. Prof. Ming was also invited to give speeches in SCADE2009, and The SIAM Mathematics Aspects of Materials Science 2016.

Teachers and Students are listening to the talk 

Prof.Pingbing Ming is introducing his topic

UIC President Prof. Tang Tao (right) and Vice President (Academic) Prof. Huang Huaxiong (left) are presenting a souvenir to Prof. Ming 





RCM Director, UIC President, Prof Tao Tang ha...