Fan Bai

Assistant Professor

Mathematical Biology (Population Dynamics and Mathematical Epidemiology), Stochastic Processes

Dongdong He

Assistant Professor

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Applied Asymptotic Analysis

Alice Man Wa Hui

Associate Professor

Finite Geometry, Combinatorial Design Theory, Graph Theory, Coding Theory

Zijian Wang

Assistant Professor

Atmosphere-plant-soil interactions, carbon neutrality, coping strategy of extreme climates for plants and soil pollution remediation

Jonathan James Wylie


Fluid Mechanics, Granular Materials, Suspension Mechanics, Mathematical Modelling of Geophysical Systems

Zhe Xuanyuan

Associate Professor

Robot mapping and navigation, cloud computing and big data analytics.

Jiang Yang

Associate Professor

Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Numerical solutions of phase field models and their applications, Numerical solutions of nonlocal models and their applications

Sicong Zhang

Assistant Professor

Symplectic and contact topology