Tao Tang

Chair Professor / Director

Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solution of PDE

Huaxiong Huang

Chair Professor / Executive Director

Applied Mathematics, Financial and Industrial Mathematics, Biomathematics, Fluid Mechanics

Weiwei Sun

Chair Professor / Associate Director

Scientific Computing, Mathematical Modeling, Matrix Analysis

Sheng Chen

Assistant Professor

Spectral Method, Numerical Methods for PDE, Numerical Analysis

Xiaofeng Cai

Assistant Professor

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Yana Di


Computational Mathematics

Wenbin Liu

Chair Professor

Management Sciences, Computational Mathematics

Wonjung Lee

Associate Professor

Nonlinear stochastic behaviour of physical systems, Wave turbulence, Data assimilation

Xucheng Meng

Assistant Professor

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Solution of PDE

Jianxin Pan

Chair Professor

Statistics, Data Science

Yuliang Wang

Associate Professor

Inverse Problems, PDE, Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing, Machine Learning

Qiang Zhang


Mathematical Finance, Interfacial Instabilities, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics

Shengxin Zhu

Associate Professor

Approximation Theory, High Performance Numerical Algebra, Computational Statistics and Data Science