Speaker: Prof. Jun Lai(赖俊研究员)

Time: 15:00-16:00, 21 June 2023 (Wednesday) (Beijing time)

Venue: C305,Lijiao Building

Tencent Meeting ID: 638-843-480


Inverse elastic scattering has a wide range of applications in geophysical exploration, non-destructive testing etc. This talk is concerned with the inverse time-harmonic elastic scattering of multiple small and well-resolved particles. We apply the so-called D.O.R.T. method to this case so that selective focusing can be achieved on each particle with far field measurements. A rigorous mathematical justification for the related eigenfunctions of the time-reversal operator to the location of the particles is presented based on the asymptotic analysis of the far field operator and decaying property of oscillatory integrals. Numerical experiments are given to verify the theoretical result.

About Prof. Lai

赖俊,美国密西根州立大学应用数学博士毕业,曾任纽约大学柯朗数学研究所博士后及讲师(Courant Instructor),目前任浙江大学数学科学学院“百人计划”研究员,主要研究声波,电磁波及弹性波方程的散射与反散射问题,在数学知名杂志ACHA,SISC,Math Comp,Inverse Problems等发表文章多篇,曾主持国家面上项目,并参与基金委重大研究计划,基金委创新群体等研究,2016年入选中组部海外高层次青年人才计划,获十一届全国反问题年会“优秀青年学术奖”, 2022年获首届浙江大学-小米青年学者称号。