Speaker: Dr. Yuzhe Qin (秦煜哲博士)

Time: 12:30-14:00, 6 May 2021 (Thursday) (Beijing time)

Venue: B414, Lijiao Building, BNU at Zhuhai


A thermal-dynamical consistent model for mass transfer across permeable moving interfaces is proposed by using energy variation method. We consider a restricted diffusion problem where the flux across the interface depends on its conductance and the difference of the concentration on each side. The diffusive interface phase-field has several advantages: 1) explicit tracking of the interface is no longer necessary, 2) the interfacial condition can be incorporated with a variable diffusion coefficient. A detailed asymptotic analysis confirms the diffusive interface model converges to the sharp interface model. An energy stable numerical scheme is developed to solve this system efficiently. Numerical simulations illustrate the effectiveness of our phase-field approach.

About Dr. Qin

Yuzhe Qin received his BSc in mathematics and applied mathematics from Shanxi University in 2014 and got his master’s degree in computational mathematics from Shanxi University in 2017. He finished his Ph.D in computational mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Hui Zhang and Prof. Zhengru Zhang from Beijing Normal university. Now he is a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Huaxiong Huang. His research focuses on mathematical modeling, scientific computation and numerical analysis.