The Research Center for Mathematics hosted a series of Applied Mathematics and Data Science Seminars at its site in Zhuhai  in Semester 1, 2020-2021 Academic Year. The seminar aims at bringing the Center members together for the exchange of research ideas and collaboration on mathematical research. Most of the talks were delivered by members of the Center. In addition, Dr. Dongdong He (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Dr. Zongwei Luo and Prof. Amy Hui Zhang (BNU-HKBU United International College) also gave excellent lectures, which provided new insights into interdisciplinary field, such as nonlinear dynamics, big data science and iconology. There are some photos of the seminars:



 "PNP and Modified PNP: Analysis and Computation"   
by Prof Huaxiong Huang
  "Professional Courses Establishment of Big Data and Artificial 
Intelligence" by Dr Gaoyan OU
 "Investment, Consumption and Transaction Costs" 
by Prof Qiang Zhang 
 “Camera Calibration and Shape Recovery from Silhouettes” 
 by Prof Amy Zhang
 "Phase Field Modeling for Osmosis through Biomembranes" 
by Dr Yuzhe Qin

 "Taobao Smart Push on Singles' Day, Know You Better Than 
You" by Dr Jing Ma

 "Learning and Inference with Mixed Modes" 
by Dr Shengxin Zhu   
 "Efficient High-order Finite Volume Method for Steady Euler 
Equations" by Dr Xucheng Meng
"Linear Stability Analysis and Nonlinear Behavior of Viscoelastic 
Jet in Confined Space" by Dr Dongdong He 

“Some Thoughts on Big Data Enabled Financial Innovation"
  by Dr Xucheng Meng     
"On a Model of Surface Imaging with Double Negative"   
by Dr Yuliang Wang





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