The 12th Summer Camp which was organized by School of Mathematical Sciences,Beijing Normal University, was held on 10 - 12 July, 2020.

On 10 July, Prof. Weiwei Sun delivered an speech for the camp students. The talk gave an introduction of this newly established research centre (RCM).

The mission of RCM is to conduct first-class research in applied mathematics in a more general sense, including scientific computing, data science, financial mathematics and mathematical biology, headed by Professor Tang Tao, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

RCM provides a high quality Ph.D. programme in applied mathematics and practical support to the development of industry, new technology and financial sectors. Internationally renowned applied mathematicians have been recruited to strengthen our research capabilities and excellent young researchers have been appointed recently.

RCM gives top priority to the admission and education of mathematical talent. With the great support from Beijing Normal University, RCM began to admit graduates for doctoral programs from 2019, and launched the Program "直博生" in 2020. 






RCM Director, UIC President, Prof Tao Tang ha...